Update on Coronavirus 15.05.2020
coronavirus information

As you will have heard by now, Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that as of Wednesday, new measures have been put in place to ease the lockdown restrictions.

One bit of good news that followed this, was confirmation from the MCN that bikers can once again ride for pleasure, on condition riders maintain the rules in relation to social distancing, don’t ride in groups and avoid tourist hot spots.

For many of us this is a huge and welcomed relief to say the least, as I am sure we all need to blast away the cobwebs after many weeks of cleaning our bikes!

We do advise you check with your local authority before embarking on any journey to ensure you are not in breach of any rules. For example, Wales, Northern Island and Scotland may have different rules and regulations on travel during the lockdown.

What does this mean for the touring season?

Well, as you’re aware, France and the UK have struck a deal on the quarantine rules and it appears the 14 day rule will not apply when travelling to or from France, this may also apply to the rest of Europe as we are still officially part of the EU.

One of our customers recently travelled to France via the Chunnel on his motorcycle for personal/family reasons, he was not quarantined on entry. We await news of the process on his return.

It is believed that Italy have announced they will lift border and travel restrictions from the beginning of June. However, we still have limited information on hotels, restaurants or cafes reopening across the rest of Europe.

The FCO are still advising against all but necessary travel, outside of the UK.

On the positive side of things, it does mean that restrictions are beginning to lift and measures being put in place, so that travel can eventually begin to return to the way it was. We believe we are heading in the right direction.

Whilst we are not here to speculate or make false promises, we do our best to use only the facts and remain honest and true to our customers, by that we mean; we use sources that help us make informed decisions on how to move forward.

We have refrained from watching the news, as clearly this is unhealthy and doesn’t help make informed decisions. Unfortunately, at this time, we are still somewhat in the dark and we cannot say for certain if any tours will go ahead during June or July or even August this year.

We need to be in a position whereby the FCO retract the “All but necessary travel” status, so that insurance companies will provide cover. Until then, it would not be wise to ignore their advice.

We are remaining positive, working on 2021 tour dates and staying in touch with customers despite the backlog of emails and calls to manage.

Please remember, we are a small team, not a call centre, as such, we prefer to deal with every customer on a one to one basis, rather than just sending out a generic auto-response email. We will get to your email or return your call, but please, we ask you to remain patient.

We are also incredibly grateful as to how supportive the vast majority of our customers have been. It is overwhelming the response, cooperation, understanding  and support we have received from almost every one of our customers. We thank you immensely and assure you when this is all over, we will be rewarding you in some way for your loyalty and understanding.

For now, we watch closely for updates and continue to implement the 21 day decision timeline and revised policy due to so many factors changing on a daily basis.

For many customers, they have agreed to transfer deposits or payments onto 2021 tours as we are now running out of time and dates for the latter part of the year. This seems to be very favourable with the majority of those who’ve booked, making their life easier and less to worry about but knowing they are lined up to go on a great tour next year.

Please note: we are still working from home and continue to do so until the lockdown has been fully lifted. This means we are not in receipt of postal mail. So please continue to communicate by email if you need to get in touch.

In the meantime, please stay positive, go for a safe ride and stay well.



Martin Philpott
Hi...My bike needs mud and cow shit on it. Keep the updates coming... Looking hopeful now. Martin

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