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The Vietnamese Government early this year announced that foreign nationals could not ride or drive cars without a Vietnamese License. This clearly proved to be an issue and after many letters and negotiations with our business partner in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy etc, they have finally changed the ruling, in our favor. 

Vietnamese authorities have agreed that, between September 2018 and 28 March 2019 , the holders of UK issued International Driver’s Permits or UK domestic driving licences will be allowed to drive cars or ride motorbikes in Vietnam. After 28 March 2019, British visitors wishing to drive cars or ride motorbikes in Vietnam will need to present both their UK domestic driver’s licence and a UK issued International Driver’s Permit. Long term UK residents of Vietnam can apply for a Vietnamese driving licence. A Vietnamese driving licence can only be issued to a foreign national in possession of a Vietnamese visa valid for 3 months or more. Applications for a Vietnamese driving licence can be made at the local offices of the Department of Public Works and Transportation.

Realising the damage this would cause to the countries tourism industry, the law has been reverted back to its original state. Personally, we think someone cocked up to put it politely but we are delighted with the news.

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