Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd are the first motorcycle touring agency to offer a unique way of preventing cancelling tours where we haven’t received the minimum number of bookings on a tour

Some time ago, we had to cancel a tour due to lack of numbers, understandably, this was not only an inconvenience but also an unpleasant experience for us and one that we did not want to repeat. As a result, we wanted to devise a better solution. We came up with the idea of offering those clients booked on a tour, that didn’t meet the minimum booking criteria, the ability to still fulfil their holiday eliminating disappointment and inconvenience. What we came up with was a unique way of overcoming this and it has proved to be successful


We have implemented this strategy to keep our clients’ best interests at heart and ensure disappointment is not an option


We still run the tour, we still book the hotels for the riders and we still organise everything else in between, such as transport costs, like ferries and Eurotunnel travel etc. We still provide the route maps for your sat nav as well as a pdf road map version if required. We also provide a full itinerary of the tour and plenty of helpful and useful advice so that your tour is as enjoyable as possible with minimal input from you, other than riding your bike for its intended purpose!

The main benefit is that you have direct contact with a tour guide 24/7 and we mean 24/7. We also set up a WhatsApp group for those on the tour so we can keep you up to date each day on accommodation arrangements, weather, traffic or any other information that we feel may become useful so that all you need to do is ride the bike and enjoy the scenery. You will have a mobile number to call, with a real person answering the phone immediately or replying to your text within minutes.

You may, if you wish, receive a call each day after dinner to ask for an update on how your day went from your tour guide and chat about your ride the following day. This has proven to be very successful, however, we can’t stress enough, that it is our every intention to fill our tours and for a tour guide to be present but where numbers fall below a sustainable level, this is a far better option

As with all our tours, anything can change and it has been known for us to fill a tour where it was only half full on the eleventh hour! In such instances, a tour guide will accompany the group and lead as planned. As previously stated, GMT are the only company doing this and we feel it offers a far more friendly, practical approach and alternative to disappointing customers who have been looking forward to their tour.

In lieu of your absent tour guide, we will refund 15%* of the tour and in addition, we will ensure that on your last evening, you are treated to an evening meal at our cost. You’ll also receive one of our free t-shirts and a 10% discount on any future guided or self-guided tours you wish to book.

We have implemented this strategy to keep our clients’ best interests at heart and ensure disappointment is not an option.

Thank you for choosing Guided Motorbike Tours




Chris Seagal
Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd


*If a discount has already been applied to the tour we are only able to offer a maximum discount of 15%. For example if you have received a loyalty discount of 10% we can offer an additional 5% discount.

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