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Jo Patterson

Black Forest Motorcycle Tour

If you love face roads, beer and laughing with like minded people then this is great opportunity. I was apprehensive as I usually ride with my mates in a group but having been on this tour I now realise how much work and effort goes into planning one of these tours. In all the trips I’ve been on with my mates we never experienced roads or fun quite like this. We will be back!

Bob Veitch

Black Forest Motorcycle Tour

No Frills. Loads of Thrills!

I have just returned from the B500 tour. This was my second tour with GMT.
What a fantastic time I have had! This is an out and out riders tour. There are a few stops for sightseeing, and to take in the views, which are stunning, but the emphasis is on riding. The roads are outstanding. Because of the drop off system, everyone can ride at their own pace.
Snips was our guide, and ensured that everyone had a great time. Because other guests are like minded the conversation regularly returned to motorbikes.
Hotels are adequate, but basic.
If you want to take your bike, and have five days of fantastic fun on it, riding just for the sake of riding, on superb roads, in a beautiful environment, book this tour!

Richard Sergeant

Black Forest Motorcycle Tour

The B500

And yet another fantastic tour the b500 black Forest . I’ve been touring with GMT for 3years now and met some great new friends along the way. I have just come back from the b500 Black Forest tour with the newest tour guide Craig Parsons AK (snips). And what a fantastic and friendly guy he is always there if you need advice on improving your riding. and I have seen it first hand . The first time I ever went on tour with guided motorbike tours I was a little bit nervous as I normally ride with my friends. But meeting Chris Seagal for the first time within the first five minutes I felt that I had been riding alongside him for years and also gave me a few pointers on my riding which I found extremely useful and very grateful for.
Touring with guided motorcycle tours is not like any other tour company that I have heard of and have seen when I have been on holiday touring. If you think that you will be led like ducklings following mother duck you will have a big shock. Don’t get me wrong you will not be pushed out of your comfort zone but your riding skills will change without you even knowing. You can ride at your own pace whether it’s slow or whether you are a more aggressive Rider. And if you are like me I like a bit of speed and more aggressive riding. so i end up going on a head of the group so I can have a bit of fun.( With the ok of the tour guide of course.) I am so looking forward to booking another tour whether it will be this year or definitely next year. And looking forward to making some new friends along the way.
Thanks GMT for yet another fantastic holiday. Chris and Snips