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Claire and Tristan Rudick

Alps Motorcycle Tour

What a credit to the industry these guys are. Chris & Snips are genuine caring people who will go out their way to help you with almost anything. No one is left out and everyone is made to feel equal. Like many, I was very apprehensive about the tour but after the first day when laughter and banter was flowing, I was put at ease. This is a great company that focuses as much on making you laugh and ensuring you are enjoying the experience, as they do making sure the routes are the best and the hotels are comfortable and relaxing (No group hotels which was nice not to have to fight among the oldies!)

Highly recommended, you may not pay the cheapest price but you certainly get what you pay for!

Jo Patterson

Black Forest Motorcycle Tour

If you love face roads, beer and laughing with like minded people then this is great opportunity. I was apprehensive as I usually ride with my mates in a group but having been on this tour I now realise how much work and effort goes into planning one of these tours. In all the trips I’ve been on with my mates we never experienced roads or fun quite like this. We will be back!

Bob Veitch

Black Forest Motorcycle Tour

No Frills. Loads of Thrills!

I have just returned from the B500 tour. This was my second tour with GMT.
What a fantastic time I have had! This is an out and out riders tour. There are a few stops for sightseeing, and to take in the views, which are stunning, but the emphasis is on riding. The roads are outstanding. Because of the drop off system, everyone can ride at their own pace.
Snips was our guide, and ensured that everyone had a great time. Because other guests are like minded the conversation regularly returned to motorbikes.
Hotels are adequate, but basic.
If you want to take your bike, and have five days of fantastic fun on it, riding just for the sake of riding, on superb roads, in a beautiful environment, book this tour!