Some riders seek and desire more than just European roads

For some, travelling halfway around our planet to jump on a bike and ride unfamiliar roads is a scary prospect, for others, it’s the thrill and buzz we crave for, a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover what our world has to offer and immerse yourself into some fascinating culture

Guided Motorbike Tours has a great selection of tours all over the world, with more tours coming for 2018 to include; New Zealand, Australia, California, Mongolia and Tunisia to name but a few. All our worldwide tours have been chosen to meet the expectations of our clients and our business partners have been chosen specifically based on their attentiveness and reliability. You wont be disappointed!

himalayas motorbike tours
2018 DATES

Himalayan Royal Enfield Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Ride the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield
Peru Machu Picchu Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Machu Picchu Motorcycle Fly Ride Tour

6th October 2018 - Peru Machu Picchu Motorcycle Adventure Tour
India Fly Ride Motorcycle Tours

Rajasthan Motorcycle Fly Ride Tour

Ride India on a Royal Enfield on this truly magnificent tour of a lifetime

Vietnam Northwest Mountains Motorcycle Tour

Vietnam has in store an unforgettable experience. From gazing over a surreal seascape of limestone islands from the deck of
2018 DATES

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour

An exotic mix of hill tribe villages, stunning landscape scenery and endearing people can be found on this tour, not
2018 DATES

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco tarmac based adventure tour from ONLY £2199!